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Empowering sustainable energy: Insights from Europe's open data initiative

Exploring renewable energy datasets and policy implications

Energy stands out as one of the most sought-after data domains on data.europa.eu, largely due to its significant implications in the power and environmental sectors. As global awareness of issues like climate change and renewable resources continues to grow, governments worldwide are increasingly focusing on energy data, introducing directives and targets aimed at enhancing energy efficiency.

A significant initiative in this regard is the European Union Renewable Energy Directive, designed to promote the use of renewable energy across Europe by leveraging energy data. This directive sets ambitious targets, including a goal for 27% of total EU energy consumption to be generated from renewable sources by 2030. This underscores the decisive role of energy data in shaping sustainable energy policies.

Data.europa.eu boasts a comprehensive collection of over 23,000 datasets relating to renewable energy. Among these datasets are notable examples, like the Renewable energy consumption data for the Netherlands, categorised by energy source, technology, and application. This dataset highlights the country's progress in meeting the targets outlined in the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Notably, the Netherlands has engaged in administrative transfers, purchasing renewable energy from countries like Denmark to fulfil its obligations under the directive. Another interesting dataset is about Switzerland, including data on energy sources and production at the municipal level since 2015. This dataset offers insights into the distribution of renewable energy production across different regions in Switzerland.

The interplay between open data and renewable energy represents an important cornerstone towards achieving sustainability goals. By leveraging accessible datasets, we can all make informed decisions, drive innovation, and accelerate the transition to a greener future. Find more datasets on data.europa.eu to address the challenges of climate change and foster a more resilient energy landscape.

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