EU DataViz webinar: Is open public data easy to reuse? |
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EU DataViz webinar: Is open public data easy to reuse?

A data journalist's view on COVID-19 data visualisations

On 4 April, Barnaby Skinner presented his insights on data visualisation in the EU DataViz webinar: “How to make your data easier to visualise”. As the lead of the visuals department at the Swiss newspaper “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” he works closely with information designers, software developers and data journalists and has focused on digital transformation throughout his journalism career.

Visualising and presenting data in a way that it is easy to digest while still informative, is becoming an ever-more critical asset as the amount of data grows increasingly. 

Sharing structured and machine-readable data is becoming common practice for public organisations across the globe. The pandemic has clearly highlighted this, as journalists and the media have been reporting around the clock on COVID-19 and government responses to the outbreak.

Reporters have turned to structured machine-readable data provided by third parties to an increasing extent to provide informative content within a short time frame. In the webinar, Barnaby shows examples of the data repositories created by government bodies and provides several recommendations for data sharing policies by public administrations. 

Curious to learn more? Have a look at the recording!

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