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Eurobarometer ´Youth and Democracy in the European Year of Youth`

Discover the views and expectations of young people in a post-pandemic world


The EU declared 2022 the ´European Year of Youth` as a recognition of the sacrifices that the younger generations have made during the COVID-19 pandemic. The European Year of Youth entails a range of activities for and with young people. To best prepare for these activities and better understand the expectations of the younger audience, the European Commission commissioned a Flash Eurobarometer on ´Youth and Democracy in the European Year of Youth`, which was published in May 2022.

The Eurobarometer shows that young people between 15 and 30 years old consider voting in local, national and/or European elections (39%) and engaging in social media (30%) the two most effective actions for making their voices heard by decision-makers. The European Year of Youth is also considered a potentially good listening platform (33%). However, 77% of the interviewees also believe that its success depends on whether decision-makers will act on the demands put forward by young people, and support their personal, social and professional development following the event.

Besides the expectation that decision-makers listen more to their voices, young people´s expectations on the European Youth of Year relate to improving mental and physical wellbeing following the pandemic (34%) and allowing a better integration of young people in the job market (30%). In fact, in 19 of the 27 Member States, young people consider youth’s access to psychological help crucial to mitigate the effect of COVID-19. Moreover, financial assistance for those who have been forced out of work (38%) and job creation schemes for young people (33%) are considered the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

Finally, young people also expect the European Year of Youth to enable the preservation of peace, the reinforcement of international security and the promotion of international cooperation (37%) and environmentally friendly policies (31%).

You can read the results of the Eurobarometer on the dedicated page or explore the datasets through our portal.

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