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A European approach to Artificial Intelligence and the role of open data

Learn more about the Coordinated Plan to develop and uptake AI, the role of open data and the legal framework

Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates opportunities to address societal challenges, such as climate change and public health. However, to ensure safety and respect for fundamental rights, a European approach to artificial intelligence has been defined. A key  element of this approach is enabling the development and uptake of AI where the potential of data is crucial. This is in line with building a resilient Europe for the Digital Decade.

The European Commission has set up a Coordinated Plan to enable the development and uptake of AI in Europe. This plan identifies three key actions to help build the single market for data: acquire, pool and share policy insights on AI; tap into the potential of data; and foster critical computing capacity. These actions foster excellence in AI, in turn strengthening Europe’s potential to compete globally. The European Commission is proposing a set of complementary, proportionate and flexible rules to address the risks generated by specific uses of AI. This will provide Europe with a leading role in setting the global gold standard.

A significant aspect of the plan is to tap into the potential of data and make sure the essential high-quality datasets for the development and deployment of AI systems are respectful of diversity, non-discrimination and used in a GDPR-compliant way. The data.europa.eu portal contributes to creating a common data space to share data, as a first step to achieving a single market for data. Fair and clear rules have been defined in the Data Governance Act and the Commission will adopt a proposal for a Data Act.  

The coordinated plan, in combination with the proposed legal framework, will support an environment for successful AI. If you want to stay updated on the progress of AI in Europe, take a closer look at the AI Watch which monitors the development, uptake and impact of Artificial Intelligence for Europe.

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