European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN): Shaping the future of health data in Europe |
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European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN): Shaping the future of health data in Europe

A new horizon in real-world clinical evidence and open science

The European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) is changing the way health data is used across Europe. Since its launch in November 2018, EHDEN has been pioneering efforts to generate large scale insights and evidence from real-world clinical data. Their goal is to support patients, governments, and the industry in understanding wellbeing, disease, treatments, outcomes and new therapeutics and devices. As we approach the end of EHDEN's five-year IMI 2 phase in 2024, it's time to reflect on its achievements and look ahead to its sustainable future.

 EHDEN has surpassed its original objectives, establishing an expansive network of 187 Data Partners across 29 countries, with access to more than 850 million anonymised health records, all harmonised to the OMOP common data model. Moreover, EHDEN's work has already led to over 70 publications, and through the EHDEN Academy, it has educated over 4,000 participants across 19 courses.

The success of EHDEN will continue through the EHDEN Foundation, a new legal entity based in the Netherlands. This transition ensures that EHDEN's vision of harnessing harmonised real-world data for health research remains a reality. The EHDEN Foundation will drive the project into a long-term, sustainable phase, emphasising the expansion of open science practices.

 Just as, EHDN provides a single point of access to a vast array of data from EU institutions and bodies. By integrating this open data with EHDEN's federated network, researchers and policymakers can deepen their understanding of health patterns, outcomes, and the effectiveness of interventions across Europe.

 To learn more about EHDEN's journey, achievements, and how you can get involved, visit the EHDEN website and explore the new video series introducing the Work Package Leads and their contributions to EHDEN's development roadmap.

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