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The European Language Resource Coordination

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The European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) was initiated by the European Commission and focuses on the collection of language data. The collected language data is used to train eTranslation, the European Commission’s machine translation service providing reliable and secure machine translation from/to all EU languages as well as Norwegian and Icelandic.

The project is coordinated by the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Together with its partners CrossLang, Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency (ELDA), the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ISLP), Tilde, and the national experts (National Anchor Points), the overall goal of ELRC is to overcome language barriers and to facilitate information exchange across the EU, Norway, and Iceland. The latest news on ELRC activities and eTranslation services are provided in the monthly ELRC newsletters, the last one being published last week. Subscribe to have the latest updates directly in our inbox.

Last November, the European Data Portal’s Esther Huyer spoke at the 4th ELRC Conference about sharing language data to benefit Europe’s multilingualism. In her talk, she discussed the open language data available on the EDP, how language data can help close the data gap that otherwise leads to inequality and bias, and the impact of sharing language data. Listen to Esther talk about the importance of sharing language data online.

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