European open data portals: France unlocking transparency and innovation |
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European open data portals: France unlocking transparency and innovation

Fostering collaboration and resilience in France's digital landscape

The open data platform for French public data stands as France's cornerstone for open data, fostering transparency and innovation in public services. Launched in 2011 by the Etalab mission and operated by the Interministerial Digital Directorate, this platform democratises access to diverse datasets, promoting collaborative data use and citizen engagement.

The French open data portal caters to data producers, re-users, and citizens alike. It empowers producers to share data transparently, enables re-users to access and utilise diverse datasets, and provides citizens with a gateway to explore information freely. With over 47,613 datasets available, the platform serves as a reservoir of knowledge for various stakeholders.

One notable use case on the portal is the Weak Signals project, designed to identify early signs of business distress using data from the Sirene database. By analysing financial, employment, and social data, it forecasts company failures and enables timely interventions, promoting resilience in the business ecosystem. 

Through collaboration with government agencies and comprehensive data pooling, Weak Signals empowers officials to effectively support fragile businesses, ensuring timely intervention and strategic assistance. With significant impact and engagement from over 500 user agents, including 50 Commissioners for Restructuring and Prevention of Business Difficulties, this project demonstrates the value of data-driven strategies in fostering economic stability.

Unlock the potential of open data by exploring France’s open data portal and discover how open data initiatives are driving innovation and resilience in France's digital landscape. Join the movement towards transparent and collaborative data use and stay tuned for more insights and updates on France's open data journey.

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