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European open data portals: Region Piemonte leading open data initiatives

A pioneer in the Italian open data landscape with their cloud-based platform

Since 2011, the Piemonte Region, in the north of Italy, has been very active in country's open data landscape, enacting a regional law on the publication and reuse of public data via the internet. With 1256 datasets and 14 themes, Piemonte’s Open Data Portal's success reached national attention, positioning it as a model for other Regions. 

Thanks to a cloud-based initiative to enhance data sharing and use, Piemonte was awarded for the best project for digitalisation in the public sector. The open data portal provides for a wide array of data, and is integrated with the Yucca-Smart Data Platform, which enables a single access point to all the informational assets of public administrations.

Currently, the platform hosts over 500 million Internet of Things-related data points, such as noise, air quality, and traffic data, in addition to the open data from the Region and municipalities. A notable success story from this portal is the project DEAS - Data Economy Alps Strategy, aimed at stimulating participation, competitiveness, and new business in the Alpine Space. The project involves five countries, with Piemonte enhancing project components, leveraging experience from Yucca platform, to guide local open data policies and their industrial impact. DEAS aims to benefit sectors such as climate change, environmental protection, tourism, and mobility, with innovative services tailored to citizens' needs.

Piemonte's innovative approach is set to inspire collaborative practices within the Regions and contributes to open data innovation, setting a benchmark for data-driven governance and economic development. Would you like to learn more about their activities? Read more on the Piemonte open data portal.

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