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Find the best water quality in European bathing sites!

A new dataset provided by the European Environment Agency

Are you curious to know which bathing sites in Europe have the best water quality? Earlier this year, the European Environment Agency (EEA) published a Eurostat dataset and several visualisations that provide an answer. The EEA classified the number and proportion of coastal and inland bathing sites based on their water quality. Bathing sites are categorised in one of the four possible classifications, ‘poor’, ‘sufficient’, ‘good’, or ‘excellent’.

The assessment of the water quality is based on microbiological parameters that express how much bacteria are in the water. In line with the Bathing Water Directive, Member States are required to identify and assess the quality of all inland and marine bathing waters and classify them accordingly. 

This dataset allows you, as a citizen, to check which bathing sites to visit, or helps you, as an administrator, to monitor progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: ‘Life below water’. It aims to conserve oceans and safeguard marine life by ensuring that oceans are used sustainably. That means protecting at least 30 % of marine and coastal areas and limiting pollution and ocean acidification. 

Find the dataset or have a look at the various visualisations!

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