France discloses cadastral data |
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France discloses cadastral data

Spatial Open Data ready to be re-used

The Public Finances General Directorate (DGFiP) and the French Open Data agency Etalab recently released a large series of cadastral Open Data. The database includes over 556,000 cadastral datasheets, covering more than 32,800 French local communes. The data can be found on the French national data portal.

The main reason to publish the data is to facilitate data re-use. This publication breakthrough is a new step in building an information infrastructure. Although the data does not include information on owners or other personal data, it can serve tax authorities, as well as a number of companies and institutions in the field of spatial planning, urban planning or the environment. By facilitating its circulation and re-use by as many people as possible, France is continuing its commitment to ensure greater transparency and the opening of publicly held data.