French Ministry of Transport co-creates data platform |
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French Ministry of Transport co-creates data platform

Data platform to be launched this autumn

On 29 June the French Ministry of Transport organised an Open Data 'Barcamp', in the presence of many professionals from the transport industry. During this interactive workshop, the professionals provided suggestions and feedback on the beta version of the portal of the Ministry of Transport, to be launched this autumn.

Representatives of transport companies, regulatory authorities and users of (public) transport gathered on 29 June to work on the specifications of the future platform for sharing transport data. Participants reflected in small groups on the new services that could arise from the use of data and on the practical matters of sharing information between companies and administrations. At the end of the one-day workshop ('Barcamp'), ideas were presented to the French Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne.

The new portal will consist of two main sections: a national data warehouse for static data and a directory of external APIs for real-time data. The Ministry promised to work in good faith with public and private actors, and to build on the existing open source tools.

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