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A German platform with data on clinical trials

Viomedo helps users get access to treatments quickly by showing users the available clinical trials

Viomedo is a German platform that uses data to bring transparency to clinical trials and helps users get access to treatments quickly. The platform uses open data on clinical trial registries and information from research completed by study centres and pharmaceutical companies. It connects patients with ongoing clinical trials to help them find the best treatment for their condition.

Viomedo provides information on each of the clinical trials, such as Skin cancer studies, Asthma studies, Colon cancer studies, Parkinson's studies and Prostate cancer studies, and states their progress of recent years and the current trends in the studies. The information is easily accessible and understandable to patients so they can make informed decisions.

Viomedo is one of the over 500 use cases published on the European Data Portal. If you are aware of another inspiring use case, share your experience and knowledge about different applications and websites using open data with the EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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