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Green Paper on Open Data Policy

The Ukrainian Better Regulation Delivery Office’s proposal for improving open data policy

The Ukrainian Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) recently published their Green Paper on Open Data Policy. The BRDO, established in 2015, aims to promote effective regulation and improve economic freedoms in Ukraine, focusing on SMEs in particular. In order to achieve this, the organisation implements an open and inclusive process to create an environment of mutual trust and partnership between the public sector and businesses.

The Green Paper on Open Data Policy presents a body of research evaluating the effectiveness of public policy on open data. Its findings are derived from information gathered through discussions with industry experts, representatives of government bodies, and through open source material. The paper identifies a list of issues that stand in the way of the publication of quality data and market development. By analysing business processes, the BRDO was able to identify bottlenecks at different stages of a process and provide suggestions and tools to overcome them.

Authors of the Green Paper suggest two strategies to improve the current policy:

  1. Through effective openness, i.e. focusing on data which most crucial to society as a whole; and
  2. Through full openness, i.e. creating conditions that allow for the quality publication of all available data.

Find more detailed information about these two strategies by reading the report, available online in English and Ukrainian.

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