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Guide to encourage citizens' participation in Open Data policies

Users are invited to edit and improve the guide

The Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit organisation working on government transparency, has launched a guide to help local governments increase citizen participation in their Open Data policies and improve communities through public information. This manual, which is still in the beta phase and looks mainly at the situation in the United States, aims to advise policy makers on their Open Data strategies so that they can publish information from a strategic perspective, laying the foundations for actions that meet the specific needs of the local population.

The guide is designed to further develop local Open Data policies, overcoming regulatory and technical challenges to connect with the community and advance common goals. The strategy proposed in the manual is structured around a process of commitment on the part of the public administrations, different use cases and a set of effective tactics for the achievement of the objectives through citizen participation.

Since the handbook is still in beta, the organisation invites users to improve and enrich this document. Explore the handbook here!

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