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“Hackathon4Ukraine”: a coding challenge to support Ukraine

The hackathon encouraged the development of applications to help people in Ukraine affected by the war

On 19 March 2022, Hackathon4Ukraine, a coding event took place, challenging data enthusiasts from all around the world to develop apps to help Ukrainian population affected by the Russian invasion. This initiative was organised by a group of programmers and students from the Warsaw University of Technology and the Imperial College London.

With the support of professional programmers, participants developed mobile or web applications within 24 hours. To facilitate the creation of impactful solutions, volunteers dealing with problems in Ukraine were present throughout the event, sharing their insights about critical areas in need of support.

The winning teams of the hackathons were:

  • Search4Ukraine” simplifies internet search in Ukrainian language for citizens in foreign countries.
  • Damage Map” allows residents who remained in Ukraine to report damage to public buildings and apartment blocks.
  • Disinfo Fighter” serves as a propaganda filter and flags social media posts with high probability to be fake news.

Want to know more about these apps? Documentation is available on GitHub. Donations collected during the event will go to an NGO with the aim to help affected people from Ukraine.

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