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Help the EU achieve three billion additional trees by 2030

MapMyTree app allows organisations to plant, register, and map their planted trees


In December 2021, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA) launched the platform MapMyTree. This data tool aims at supporting the planting of three billion additional trees over the next decade, as set out in the European Green Deal´s EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 to combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

In May 2022, the platform was open to everyone, so that every new tree that fulfils the requirements can be counted. At the moment of writing, the data tool – which also includes an interactive map of Europe showing the position of the different trees – counts over 2.9 million trees already planted.

As the pledge of three billion trees is to be carried out with a long-term planning and monitoring scheme ensuring that the trees are planted and can grow over time, only additional trees that benefit biodiversity and the climate can be registered on the platform.

To register a new tree, it is sufficient to click on the button ´Report +`, fill in a series of information on the planted tree (including exact position and type of tree) and to sign a declaration of honour. This confirms that the data provided is correct and that the organisations respect the principles of the initiative. The tab ´My content´ allows to keep track of the registered trees.

Finally, MapMyTree platform also offers the possibility to report potential planting locations for new trees. These locations can be browsed by other interested users on the main map to engage with people in charge and discuss an eventual tree planting.

Are you willing to plant a tree or suggest planting locations? Then visit the MapMyTree website!


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