From high-value datasets to reusing data in practice: Discover our June webinars |
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From high-value datasets to reusing data in practice: Discover our June webinars

Gain insights with real-world cases from different topics

During the month of June, data.europa Academy hosted three webinars bringing together more than 1 000 participants. These webinars were hosted for data-providers and users who want to extend their knowledge by joining the discussion on open data practices. 

Firstly, on 14 June, the team hosted the webinar ‘Exploring the potential of high-value datasets’, which started off with a presentation on the findings from the High-value datasets (HVD) best practices in Europe report. After presenting the key highlights of the report, a roadmap is suggested for the Member states to comply with HVD regulations. The webinar continued with presentations from Czechia and Finland, who shared their experience regarding HVDs, but also what challenges they encountered. Finally, the Compass Gruppe showed how they use HVDs in business models. For those interested in more details, is it possible to access both the recording and the slides.

On 21 June, the second webinar of the month was hosted, touching upon the topic ‘The European Drug Report: using an open data approach to improve data visualisation’. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) has presented very insightful information on how a strategy that included an open data approach has transformed their publications. During the webinar, the team of EMCDDA explained the technical process and showed data visualisations on the European Drug report. The session concluded with case study, some examples, and an engaging Q&A moment. Check the recording and the slides of the second June webinar if you want to know more. 

The last webinar of the month took place on 28 June  and shared the latest ‘Stories from the Use Case Obersvatory’. Two speakers from UniversiDATA-Lab and Open Food Facts gave their insights on the impact of open-data-driven solutions. UniversiDATA-lab shared their experiences in utilising open data to support academic research and collaboration, and Open Food Facts presented their efforts in using open data to promote food transparency and enhance consumer knowledge. Watch the recording of this webinar and read the slides to learn more! 

Overall, hosted many inspiring guest speakers in June, who have shown how open data can be used in practice for businesses and public institutions. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming webinars in the month of July!  

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