How can open data improve air quality? |
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How can open data improve air quality?

Combining real-time quality data for research can help formulate effective strategies to address air pollution

As healthcare is becoming more expensive and the world is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, there is an opportunity for more proactive, preventative care. Improving air quality in European cities can save European citizens from the negative health impacts equivalent to several cigarettes a day. 

Combining datasets from OpenAQ  and OpenAIRE can lead to powerful insights into air quality, which can help formulate and execute effective measures. OpenAQ collects real-time air quality data from around the world and OpenAIRE provides access to open research data and publications from European research institutions, such as The League of European Research Universities and individual universities such as Aristotel University Thessaloniki.  

The combined (open) datasets can support policies in the decision-making process and contribute to interventions that aim to reduce air pollution and mitigate its negative effects. For example, researchers can use the data to identify regions with high levels of pollution and target efforts into reducing emissions from specific sources, such as transportation or industry. Moreover, combining these datasets can support academics, journalists, and policymakers in identifying gaps in research. For example, if certain regions or populations are consistently exposed to high levels of pollution but have not been the subject of extensive research, this indicates a target for future research.

By combining air quality data with research data from a range of disciplines, researchers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the effects of air pollution and develop more effective solutions to address this pressing issue. Not only would this help the environment, but it would also prevent some of the roughly 4 million global deaths caused by outdoor air pollution. 

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