How do cities create value from their open data? |
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How do cities create value from their open data?

The Smart City Innovation Framework

The Smart City Innovation Framework Implementation (SCIFI) is a project where several European cities collaborate to activate the market for innovative solutions and improve public service delivery by making use of data. Recently, this project has identified potential avenues for cities to create value from their open data, including better quality data and improved findability.

Better quality data is less prone to errors, and therefore more valuable. To assess if a dataset is of good quality, public authorities can make use of the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System that measures a dataset’s quality in 5 dimensions. Data collected through automation (for instance through sensors or Internet of Things devices) often results in higher quality data as well.

Cities that wish to publish open data also need to be able to identify the datasets of interest.  A central data platform or portal is still vital to improve dataset discoverability. Although relevant data might be available in theory, finding where it is stored is often challenging.

Discover how portals can co-locate useful capabilities and resources, in the previously published Sustainability Report, or access the full article on the SCIFI project.

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