How do citizens contribute to the publication and re-use of open data? |
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How do citizens contribute to the publication and re-use of open data?

Watch the recording of our webinar on citizen-generated data


Whether consciously by submitting an entry in Wikidata or unconsciously by validating a ticket on a means of public transport, citizens´ generate enormous amounts of data every day. Yet, this citizen-generated data is not widely available on or any other open data portals, which often limit themselves to government-generated data.

On 21 April 2022, the data.europa academy hosted the webinar “Citizen-generated data on” to explore this topic further. The webinar followed up on the recently published “Analytical report of Opportunities and Challenges Associated to the Inclusion of Citizen-generated Data in”.

The webinar´s presenter and co-author to the report, Oscar Corcho, guided participants through the main insights of the report, which identified datasets containing citizen-generated data and categorised them according to a unified set of dimensions. The report was based both on desk research and a field analysis of open data portals across Europe.

The conclusions and recommendations of the research, discussed at the end of the webinar, will represent the starting point for two additional reports  on sources of citizen-generated data and a possible governance model, both to be published in the coming months.

A full version of the webinar is available on YouTube. More information about the webinar, including the slides of the session, can be found in the dedicated course on the data.europa academy.

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