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How do you manage your data?

Conference on personal data in Helsinki

From 31 August until 2 September, Helsinki will host the MyData2016 conference. The theme of this event is "human centric personal information management", how people can gain more control over their personal data. The event follows the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which will set the framework for dealing with personal data, strengthening the data protection of individuals.

During this conference engineers, business representatives, researchers, government officials, and civil society activists will come together to discuss the future of personal data management from three different angles. The first day will examine the value of personal data and what this means in the frame of citizens' rights and trust. The second day takes a more business oriented view, exploring use cases and discussing the means of value creation with data. In order to make the next step, the third and last day explores the technology and ecosystems by which personal data could be managed. Want to know more about this interesting conference? Read more by following the link below: