How to make the most out of Austria's Open Data? |
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How to make the most out of Austria's Open Data?

A new report on the impact of Open Data

How could the Austrian government fully realise the potential of Open Data? Has the country been successful in strengthening its Open Data practice by aligning contextual factors with existing theoretical and practical recommendations?

A new report, published by, enriches our understanding of Open Data value. It provides an overview of relevant (international) literature and practitioner examples to thoroughly explore the effects of Open Data. It emphasises that Open Data generates social capital and economic growth, promotes good governance, enables data-driven policy making and develops open and collaborative governance.

In terms of economic impact, it stands out that Open Data related activities are expected to account for 1% of Austria's GDP or more by 2020, save €39 million of government expenditures in 2020, and provide up to 2000 direct employments in the area in Austria. Curious about other monetary and non-monetary impact of Open Data? Download the full publication and find out!

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