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Recap on the Data Talks webinar with Gabriele Ciasullo from AgID

Last week, the join the Support Centre for Data Sharing and the team behind the European Data Portal were joined by Gabriele Ciasullo from AgID (the Agency for Digital Italy) to discuss the Italian Open Data Portal (

AgID is the public agency that manages the Italian portal and during the talk Gabriele shared insights from setting up the portal, what the team is currently working on, and what they envision for the coming years. provides open data, and enhances the national public information heritage by publishing data from public administrations and encouraging its  re-use. The portal has been around for a number of years. Starting next week, a new and improved search functionality will enable users to search datasets by filtering on data provider, type of catalogue, and certain keywords.

Going forward, Gabriele highlighted that open data should be employed more and more to facilitate a dialogue between businesses and administrations. AgID aims to stimulate regional and local authorities to publish their data.

Curious to learn more? Have a look at the recording of the session.

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