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International Open Data Roadmap

Global Goals, Local Impact

In October 2016, experts on Open Data from all over the world came together during the International Open Data Conference (IODC) in Madrid. During this event, the Open Data community discussed what happened over the past years and where Open Data is going. Under the theme of "Global Goals, Local Impact", the fourth IODC brought together an ever expanding community of Open Data stakeholders to showcase what is happening around the world, best practices and shared challenges. Based on these discussions and deliberations, the organisers of the conference have written a summary report and action plan on the next steps for Open Data.

Overall, Open Data has moved into its next phase where it is no longer enough only making data publicly available: actually harnessing its potential is necessary to make it truly useful. Looking ahead, the stakeholders established a collective vision in the Second International Open Data Roadmap to advance Open Data globally and locally. The report is divided into four sections. In the first section, the issues and challenges for further collaboration are discussed. This is followed by a section on the impact of Open Data and a section on the regional developments. The report concludes with the Second Action Plan for International Collaboration, which outlines the collective actions.

The report is made available both as a traditional report but also in an interactive version. In this version, more information of the individual IODC sessions can be found.

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