Join’s webinar on the Role of in the Context of EU Data Spaces |
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Join’s webinar on the Role of in the Context of EU Data Spaces

Discussing the shifting data ecosystem landscape and how open data fits into it

Open data helps solve real-world problems, but the nature of open data means that it represents only a subset of information. For example, data collected as a part of any student’s education can be sensitive and some institutions want to maintain control over how datasets can be used and with whom they can be shared.

Wanting to keep data as open as possible while recognising that some data should not be completely open has led to the concept of a “data space”, where a community of individuals share and use data according to pre-set rules.

During this webinar on open data and how it fits into wider data-space ecosystems, we will explore some of the lessons from a soon to be published report on the role that will play within the EU’s Data Spaces initiative. So far, a large part of the development around data spaces has focused on use cases identified by the private sector, and the role that open data will play in these data spaces is still developing. How will open data portals co-operate, coexist, and change within these newly developing data infrastructures?

Join the data.europa academy’s webinar on open data and data spaces. During the webinar, we will discuss and debate

  • What is a data space and who will it interest?
  • What role will open data and open data portals play in these data spaces?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges that data spaces bring to open data portals, and vice versa?

This webinar will be hosted on 4 May 2022, 14:00-15:00 CET. To participate, you can register your interest to join the session.