Join the Innovation Lab’s ‘iTalks’ series on open data skills initiatives |
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Join the Innovation Lab’s ‘iTalks’ series on open data skills initiatives

Discover how data literacy experts aim to address the lack of data skills in the public sector

During the months of June and July, the Digital Innovation Lab, also known as iLab, will host a series of six iTalks with ten data literacy experts on data skills initiatives that foster public sector innovation. From national authorities presenting training programs to academics or international organizations, this series will help you understand how different stakeholders aim to address the lack of data skills.

The iLab is an open platform within the European Commission and aims to create links and collaborate with external stakeholders such as local and national public administrations, academia and various industries. They develop innovative, sustainable and responsive methodologies, models and tools for improved policy-making and service delivery.

Data skills are crucial for the digital and green transition. Hence the European Commission has declared 2023 the European Year of Skills. One of the key problems in the public and private sectors is the shortage of data skills. To explore data skills initiatives and experiences, discuss the challenges and opportunities and promote best practices to further develop data skills in the public sector, iLab offers 6 sessions to provide speakers a platform:

  1. iTalks: Session 1: Data Literacy for European Public Administrations (14 June 2023)
  2. iTalks: Session 2: Helping the public sector to develop data skills (21 June 2023)
  3. iTalks: Session 3: The Role of Data Stewards in Data Literacy (28 June 2023)
  4. iTalks: Session 4: How to prepare public servants for the digital era? (30 June 2023)
  5. iTalks: Session 5: Developing data literacy in the public sector for a more mature digital government (3 July 2023)
  6. iTalks: Session 6: How can data literacy contribute to evidence-informed policy making (5 July 2023)

Are you interested in learning how different stakeholders address the lack of data skills in the public sector? Whether you are working for public administrations, an European institution, an international organization or academia, join the iTalks and get inspired!

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