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The LACMA Application

The LACMA application is a recent example of Google Arts & Culture. This app can be used to locate artwork or navigate through museums

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) application is an example of an informative and fun tool that can be used to locate artwork, plan a trip to the museum, or help navigate around the LACMA campus.

Through the application, users can swipe through a collection of over 85,000 artworks spanning over two millennia. The collection, as well as exhibitions and calendars, can be browsed and filtered based on user preference. In addition, users can receive detailed, contextual information on the art piece on display and get behind-the-scenes views with audio and video comments from experts and artists themselves. LACMA in this sense is not only practically useful, but also offers information beyond the information available on site.

The LACMA application is similar to those of other museums such as the Guggenheim or the Dutch National Museum (Rijksmuseum) in the functionality it offers. Through an online database, information on art pieces is made available in the form of images. Through partnering with Google Arts & Culture, LACMA offers a platform where information and images can be shared between employees, visitors and other museums worldwide.

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