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Learn about the key highlights of the webinar ‘Data spaces: Discovering the building blocks’

Discover which building blocks form the foundation for data spaces and explore the discussions among experts

On Friday, 6 October 2023 from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, the data.europa academy hosted the webinar ‘Data spaces: Discovering the building blocks’. This third webinar in the series presented the operational and technical building blocks for data spaces.

With the goal of harnessing the value of data for the benefit of the European economy and society, the European Commission actively supports the development of common European data spaces in ten strategic fields as outlined in the European data strategy. The first webinar Data spaces: Introducing the concept and relevance in today’s world’, took place on 12 May and introduced the concept of data spaces and the policy and legal framework behind it. The second webinar, on 15 September, provided concrete examples of the Health and Cultural Heritage data spaces. Two experts shed light on how these spaces contribute to the European data strategy and provided insights into their future.

This third webinar focused on an overview of the building blocks for data spaces. It delved into the technical components of data spaces, sharing insights on the various strategic data spaces, what is necessary for success, and how this compares to a portal. The session included a discussion on the key building blocks necessary for data spaces and how these can unleash the potential they offer along with their set up from a technical and semantical point of view. Finally, a Q&A session was held, offering participants the opportunity to ask questions to the experts on data spaces. Here topics such as the data spaces blueprint with organisation, business, and technical building blocks were discussed. Furthermore, an academic perspective, specifically research challenges with data spaces were explored. Finally, various SEMIC specifications, services, and trainings in support of data spaces were shared with the participants.

To learn more about the insights from this webinar, you can watch the recording and consult the slides on data.europa academy.

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