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Lille releases new open data portal

Starting in November

Starting in November, the French city of Lille opens and publishes its Open Data on a new portal.

Lille Métropole took a big step forward in their Open Data journey. Starting from November 2016, it will publish its data on a publicly available Open Data portal. As a start, 53 datasets are available, but this is expected to increase rapidly over time. Raw data will be provided in real time. All APIs will be open. Implemented through the company OpenDataSoft, this portal aims to enable the development of start-ups, but also to improve services, to increase transparency and to pool resources among municipalities.

Several partnerships are already in preparation, and not only with start-ups. With the implementation of the new Open Data portal, the city of Lille has taken a big step forward in the era of the smart city.

Interested in this new data portal? Read more about it by following the link below.

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