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LinkedDataGPT: newly launched tool leveraging AI

Ask your questions about the City of Zurich to LinkedDataGPT

The newly launched tool ‘LinkedDataGPT’ by Liip, simplifies access to the City of Zurich’s linked data. It provides user-friendly access to specific datasets with the help of AI. Feel free to ask your question about available data and find out the answers the tool provides.

LinkedDataGPT follows in the footsteps of ZüriCityGPT, a chatbot where you can ask your questions about the government and administration of the City of Zurich. The platform is continually improving, adding more content and frequently updating datasets. However, it may not be able to answer all your questions just yet.

To address this limitation, LinkedDataGPT has been introduced. This chatbot can transform your natural question into SPARQL parameters, a semantic query language for databases. In this way, the Linked Data of the City of Zurich that has been made available through the new  open data strategy can be used. While it is currently being optimised for individual dataset queries, efforts are ongoing to enable queries across different datasets.

 To effectively use LinkedDataGPT, it is essential to phrase your questions correctly and have knowledge of the data you are querying. You can browse available data and most the frequently asked questions here to get started. Please note that these questions are currently available only in German.

LinkedDataGPT serves as an example of how open data strategies can be implemented at the local level, contributing to the broader landscape of open data initiatives, which includes platforms like

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