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Looking back at the 4th ELRC Conference

The EDP's Esther Huyer spoke at the 4th ELRC Conference in Helsinki, Finland

The Fourth European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) Conference took place in Helsinki, Finland on 26 and 27 November. The main goal of the 4th ELRC Conference was to overcome one of the biggest challenges that Europe and the national public services are facing today in interacting with citizens and other organisations: exchanging information across the language barrier.

The conference focused on shaping Europe's multilingual future by sharing language data. There were several talks and panel discussions centred around sharing and using language data, with speakers and panellists coming from the European Commission, the European Parliament, language technologists, language service providers and public administrations and governments across Europe.

The European Data Portal's (EDP) Esther Huyer spoke at the event about sharing language data to benefit Europe's multilingualism. In her talk, she discussed the open language data available on the EDP, how language data can help close the data gap that otherwise leads to inequality and bias, and the impact of sharing language data.

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