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LORDIMAS: A digital maturity assessment tool for regions and cities

Empowering local and regional authorities with open data insights

To strengthen local and regional authorities with advanced digital capabilities, the Local and Regional Digital Indicators framework (LORDI) introduces LORDIMAS. This transformative digital maturity assessment tool, a product of collaboration with Living-in.EU, was officially unveiled with comprehensive demos during online events in October and the Smart City Expo in Barcelona from November 7-9. LORDIMAS empowers local and regional governments across Europe to assess their digital progress, foster open data sharing and promote more efficient governance. 

LORDIMAS, a free and interactive tool, divides the digital landscape into seven sections, guided by 29 local and regional digital indicators. It offers local governments and data managers the ability to assess their digital maturity and gain access to invaluable insights. What sets LORDIMAS apart is its dynamic nature, allowing authorities to revisit and update their data, ensuring it stays in line with the evolving challenges and needs. The tool stands out for its unique capacity to enable authorities to concentrate on their specific digital objectives, moving away from generic digital roadmaps and ensuring alignment on key smart city and data strategy concepts. 

At its core, LORDIMAS promotes data sharing, benchmarking, and collaboration among local and regional authorities. By doing so, it empowers users to unlock their digital potential, learn from one another, and take decisive steps toward more efficient governance, all while advancing open data initiatives across Europe. 

When the tool becomes available online, local, regional, and national European authorities can leverage its transformative capabilities. This tool not only fosters smarter, more interconnected governance but also propels the open data movement to new heights, enabling better decision-making and sustainable development across Europe. 

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