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Mobility Data Challenge

What Open Data is needed to give the best travel advice?

What data is needed to stimulate city travellers make use of the most efficient means of transport based on their route and moment? That is the question the City of Ghent in Belgium is trying to answer with their project DYNAcity. While Open Data has already proven its potential in providing travel advice on public transport, this project takes the mobility question a step further. It aims to provide real-time advice on the suitability for all mobility options, including individual forms of transport as cars or bicycles.

To do so, the project is bringing together the various traffic-guiding systems to determine an optimal traffic and mobility management. This includes 'classic' Open Data such as public transport schedules and additional data as the weather forecast. By using technical innovations new sources of data are included, for example a bicycle and vehicle count using thermal imaging. All of this data is analysed to be used as a policy-making tool and application.

The collection of data in this project is very diverse, which creates huge potential for developers to make innovative applications. To encourage developers, all of the collected data is or will be hosted on the city's Open Data Portal, ready for the hackathon organised in the frame of this project. Could you make the perfect app with this unique mix of data? Read more by following the link below.

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