New CEF Telecom call to foster the European digital service ecosystem |
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New CEF Telecom call to foster the European digital service ecosystem

€6.5 million of funding for Automated Translation

Within Europe's Digital Single Market, data can freely cross borders so information and knowledge can be shared. A lot of this data is drafted in the language of the country where the data is produced. With over 20 different official languages in the European Union, language of the concerned dataset is therefore an important element determining its interoperability. To facilitate the flow of data across borders and lower the barriers created by any linguistic issue, the EU is developing and promoting numerous automated translation tools. With tools like this, data can be automatically translated in one of Europe's official languages. Also the European Data Portal makes use of these tools, such as the MT@EC, to translate the metadata of the Open Data.

To improve the quality and coverage of automated translation, especially in the public sector cases that require cross-lingual functionalities, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) launched a new call to support new ideas and applications. With the CEF Telecom Call - Automated Translation, a budget of €6.5 million is made available to support proposals in the area of automated translation. By supporting proposals on automated translation, INEA wants to help facilitate cross-border information exchange for citizens, businesses and administrations. Suitable proposals should either enhance or improve the quality and coverage of the existing automated translation offered by CEF Automated Translation platform or apply the existing Automated Translation platform in other relevant digital services.

Are you working in the field of automated translation or do you want to get to know more about this call? Read all about it by following the link below.

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