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New publication ‘Improving data publishing by open data portal managers and owners’

Discover the best techniques and insights on how to improve the publishing of high-quality data

The recent publication from Improving data publishing by open data portal managers and owners’ aims to help open data portal managers and owners to create added value with open data by publishing high-quality data in a simple manner. The design of the data-publishing process is crucial and implementing improvements to this process can significantly contribute to the use and dissemination of open data.

The report focuses on three areas of data publishing:

  1. Data and metadata quality: Open data is most useful when it maintains a high standard of quality.
  2. Methods, targets and processes: The design of the publishing process influences how easily and efficiently data providers can publish their data.
  3. Feedback and improvement processes: Data-publishing processes improve not only the data publication of open data but also contribute to its use.

In alignment with these focus areas, the report investigates how data is made available through various portals and identifies bottlenecks in the publication processes, following suggestions for improvements for portal managers and owners. Using the results of a survey distributed among portal managers and owners, the current situation is highlighted, identifying pain points, best practices and suggestions.

The report then gathers recommendations related to metadata management, knowledge and information, harmonisation and standardisation, as well as automation and tool support. The report further specifies under each recommendation what it relates to, what the approach consists of and the more specific recommendations that fall under the abovementioned areas. The report serves as a primary source of information for open data portal managers and owners, using in the improvement of their data-publishing processes.

Are you interested to know more? Read the publication to discover the insights and suggested improvement in more detail.

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