New report 'the value of data for public administrations' |
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New report 'the value of data for public administrations'

The benefits of Open Data

The public sector is not only a large supplier of Open Data, it is also one of the largest users and beneficiaries of releasing government data. The report "The Value of Open Data for Administrations" published on provides a number of examples of how public administrations can rely on data to gather feedback, better collaborate and optimise processes.

The report highlights how the use of Open Data improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration itself, through better planning of available resources, collaboration between different departmental areas, improving the interoperability of data and processes, as well as the adoption of standards that facilitate sharing and storage of data.

It also emphasises that the use of such Open Data provides an impulse to public innovation by contributing to the identification of patterns that help decision-making, a more active development and implementation of public policies and the improvement of the quality of data thanks to feedback provided by citizens and businesses.

The report is available both in Spanish and English, and a summary of the report is also available on the Spanish national Open Data portal.