New study on the benefits of Open Data |
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New study on the benefits of Open Data

The many practical advantages of greater transparency with Open Data

The Bertelsmann foundation has published a new study on Open Data: Open Data - Wertschöpfung im digitalen Zeitalter (Open Data - Value creation in the digital age). Illustrated with examples from both Germany and other countries, the study emphasizes that freely accessible data brings many practical advantages to citizens, politics and the economy and could even increase social prosperity. This is in line with the conclusions of the research conducted by the European Data Portal, published in the Creating value through Open Data report.

The study marks the beginning of a series of publications on "Smart Country", the theme of the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017. It includes several success stories where the federal, state and local governments can learn from. Based on the success stories on Open Data, it sets out recommendations for Germany in three areas:

  • Strategic and political area: comprising the elements of vision, strategy, organisation, processes and financing.
  • Legislative and political area: including the legislation on Open Data, mainly referring to federal and state activities.

Technological area: focusing on the main technological requirements which are necessary for the acquisition, processing and use of Open Data.