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The next Open Data visualisation?

Linnaeus University experiments with virtual reality and Open Data

The amount of Open Data available is growing by the day, but most of it keeps on being published in their raw shape such as .csv .json or other formats. While the value of this data can be enormous, you need to process or visualise the data to analyse it and obtain new insights. Thus far, these visualisation have been primarily on your screen, two scientists from Linnaeus University, Sweden, are taking visualisations one step further.

Aris Alissandrakis and Nico Reski are currently conducting research on the exploration and interaction of Open Data in a virtual and augmented reality environment. This could enable you not to only see mapped data on a screen, but to actually walk around and interact in a visually displayed environment. An example of this application can be seen in this video. Visualisations like these provide us with new angles to explore Open Data, enhancing our ability to discover new usages.

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