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Official statistics as Open Data

Official statistics as Open Data

Open Data is an emerging discipline with a huge potential for the (re-) dissemination of official statistics. To explore this Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, is organising a workshop on 18-19 January 2017 to discuss the matter. During the 'ESS Workshop on dissemination of official statistics as Open Data' taking place in Saint Julian's (Malta), numerous questions will be addressed related to what Open Data means for the statistical community. The workshop will bring together the perspectives from different actors, technical and strategic, from the statistical community and the open data community.

Its principal objectives are:

  • Increasing awareness on the opportunities of dissemination of statistics as open data and Linked Open Data, building on experience in the statistical field and on dissemination of open data by the public sector (open data portals...);
  • Identifying technical and organizational challenges and sharing experience on how to address them;
  • Identifying current standards and the need for further work on standards, as well as potential for joint development at European level.

Participation to the workshop (as well as the lunches and the social dinner) are free of charge, but it is required to register in advance via the online interface.

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