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Open Data and AI: the ODI Summit 2023

The role of open data in shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence

On November 7th, the Open Data Institute (ODI) Summit 2023 convened with a resounding theme: 'Without data, there is no AI.' A virtual gathering of global minds, the summit underscored the crucial link between open data and the trajectory of artificial intelligence (AI).  

The day-long summit navigated diverse facets of the data-AI landscape. Topics ranged from the collaboration between big tech and the global community to the intersection of creativity and AI, emphasising the pivotal role of open data in technological advancements. The summit's culmination involved a dialogue between Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Claire Melamed, CEO of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, reflecting on the current state of the AI hype cycle.  

Harnessing open data datasets, such as those from, proves pivotal in advancing AI. Consider a scenario: leveraging comprehensive European transportation data, AI models can optimise traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance overall urban mobility. Open data empowers AI algorithms with diverse, real-world information, fostering solutions that benefit society and align with sustainable development goals.  

The ODI Summit 2023 emerged not just as an event but as a testament to open data's transformative influence on AI, affirming its pivotal role in steering positive change across sectors. ODI's commitment to inclusivity ensures that in this new era of technological development, nobody is left behind. 

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