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Open Data Beer Switzerland

Register for the second Open Data Beer in Zurich 12 April

To engage the active online Open Data community in Switzerland also in the 'real world' several Open Data providers got together and hosted the first Open Data Beer event in Switzerland in January 2018. The idea is simple: A welcome beer, followed by 2 x 10 minutes of short presentations from people from the Open Data environment, a data owner and a data user. Then there is beer again (and of course, other drinks) and interesting discussions around Open Data, the re-use, and possible applications. With its semi-formal character, the event was such a success, that it will be repeated in April 2018 sticking to the same idea and the same agenda. The only change is that the short presentations will last 15 minutes next time but afterwards there will be beer, just as before. Register for the free event in Zurich 12 April 2018.

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