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Open Data developments in Slovenia

Taking steps towards more transparency and awareness

Slovenia, regarded as a 'Fast Tracker' in last year's Open Data maturity assessment, is further developing its Open Data initiative with measures to improve awareness and transparency.

Slovenia will be actively involved in the European Statistical Olympics. This is a European competition to promote statistical literacy, curiosity and interest in official statistics among secondary school students. The competition is structured in two parts, first the national competition, followed by a European final. The finalists of the national competition will take part in the European competition. The Slovenian Open Data portal team plans to further promote the re-use of Open Data, and uses this opportunity to collaborate with the Slovenian National Statistical Office to promote the re-use of Open Data in secondary schools in the country.

Furthermore, The Secretary General of the Government of Slovenia has published all publicly available Government documents in a machine readable format, such as RDF and XML. This is an important development to further enhance transparency. Are you interested in finding out more about these documents? The dataset is available on the European Data Portal!

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