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Open Data for the elderly

European Project to develop digital services for the older generations

While it is no longer uncommon to have your grandparents on Facebook, talk to them on Skype or send them videos on Snapchat, the number of services targeted at the elderly is still very limited. Considering their growing technical capabilities, this is a missed opportunity. To overcome this, the Institute for Information Management Bremen in Germany has started the project 'Mobile age' to develop applications fitted to the needs of the elderly.

The new platform, supported by the European Commission, will work with cards providing information on the direct environment. This could range from the location of the nearest public toilet to whether there are benches in a park. The application will retrieve the requested information cooperation with the services of local administrations and by linking this with the available Open Data. To ensure the application fits the need of the target group, the project team is currently looking for men and women over 60 years to participate in the beta phase of the project. Interested to know more? Follow the link below.

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