Open data hackathons and competitions are hosted all over Europe in 2022 |
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Open data hackathons and competitions are hosted all over Europe in 2022

Three examples to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of open data re-use

2022 promises to become a year full of open data events hosted throughout Europe. During these events, you not only learn about open data topics, but also learn how to effectively re-use open data. The event calendar collects these upcoming open data-related events throughout Europe. There are limitless possibilities to learn about and re-use open data, for example by participating in hackathons and other competitions. The following upcoming events offer a glimpse of these possibilities.

Nordic AI & Open Data Hackathon
The Nordic AI & Open Data Hackathon aims to demonstrate how digital solutions can help the Nordics to become a leading region in digitalisation, AI and responsible use of open data. Participants will work on pre-defined challenges, related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which offer great opportunities to apply AI in combination with open datasets.

The event will take place on 18 and 19 March 2022. What is special about this hackathon? It will take place at two different locations as well as virtual at the same time. You can join the event from Denmark, Sweden or online.

EU Datathon
The 2022 edition of the EU Datathon offers a chance for open data enthusiasts and application developers from around the world to demonstrate the potential of open data. The participants get international visibility for their innovative ideas and compete for their share of the total prize fund of €200.000 and the Public Choice Award.

The finals of the EU Datathon will take place on 20 October 2022 and registration is still open until 31 March 2022. You can register by proposing an idea for an application that uses at least one open dataset from and addresses one of the four pre-defined challenges. For more information, see the rules of the competition.

EU Code Week
The EU Code Week aims to make programming more visible and accessible. It hosts many activities to show young, adults and elderly how ideas can be brought to life using code. The initiative is run by volunteers and celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming.

The EU Code Week will take place between 8 and 23 October 2022. You can join the EU Code Week either by participating in one of the many activities or by organising a coding activity yourself.

Do you know of any upcoming open data-related events? Feel free to reach out and we will make sure to include it in our regularly updated event calendar.

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