Open Maps for Europe: Find open maps of European countries on! |
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Open Maps for Europe: Find open maps of European countries on!

Open Maps for Europe, coordinated by EuroGeographics, provides easy access to maps of European countries

A recent addition to the portal is the Open Maps for Europe metadata catalogue, providing open maps of more than 40 European countries. The online service enables users to discover, visualise, license and download datasets created using official maps, geospatial and land information from official national sources.

The Open Maps for Europe project is coordinated by EuroGeographics, a non-profit membership association working together with National Mappings, Cadastres and Land Registry Authorities (NMCAs) in Europe to gather official and detailed geospatial data. The collaboration between these NMCAs to share and collect data can contribute to the public good. Therefore, the aim of Open Maps for Europe is to share pan-European datasets, make them more accessible to a wider audience and connect users from official national sources.

The collected data has resulted in six datasets on Open Maps for Europe, which are:

With all the geospatial and land information available at the national scale, Open Maps for Europe provides easy access to pan-European data. Find their datasets on!

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