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Open Mobility as a Service in Helsinki

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is promoting Open Mobility as a Service

The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is a public body that maintains public transport in Helsinki. HSL is keen to support the creation of innovative transport services by lowering barriers to accessing data. To achieve this, HSL is sharing their data with platforms such as digitransit and Reittiopas. These platforms use HSL's Open Data, open API's and open source codes to e.g. create a journey planner for customers and provides them with information on the best available route. This information can be re-used by other stakeholders.

HSL also has its own mobile application. This application offers customers several ticket choices to buy for their travel in Helsinki. Once the customer has paid for the ticket, they receive an animated digital ticket on the application that changes colour, making it difficult to forge or replicate, to show conductors or ticket inspectors. Once bought, this ticket can be sold to other people through HSL's Open Mobility as a Service API (OpenMaaS API), an open interface that aims to create innovation in the transport services and lower barriers to new businesses in Helsinki. This interface also includes the journey planner services from platforms such as digitransit, Reittiopas and HSL's mobile application. For more information about how HSL is using OpenMaaS API and using Open Data in Helsinki, listen to the Webinar and read "Outcome of EDP's Webinar: Open Data in Smart Cities".

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