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Open State Foundation

The Open State Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation stimulating accountability of the (Dutch) government through digital transparency.

The aim of the Open State Foundation is to make open data on the government available and reusable for businesses, journalists, researchers, artists, and other government officials. The organisation focuses on accessibility to data as one of the keys to a healthy democracy. The institution operates as a watchdog for the government by promoting accountability through open data. On top of that, the Open State Foundation stimulates knowledge sharing with open data sets as well as (news) articles and opinion pieces.

The open data gathered by the organisation is mainly open governmental data, such as open defence data, open data from health institutions, open cultural data, and municipal open data. The data is gathered on the website and visitors can search for data per sector.

The Open State Foundation publishes policy papers, reports and the account balances online as well. Lastly, the organisation provides videos, training and advice (in Dutch) on transparency and data quality to visitors of the website.
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