OpenDataFest 2017 to take place in Caltanissetta, Italy |
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OpenDataFest 2017 to take place in Caltanissetta, Italy

In conjunction with Spaghetti Open Data meeting

From Friday 2 June to Sunday 4 June 2017, OpenDataFest 2017 will take place in Caltanissetta, Italy. In conjunction with this event, the fifth meeting of Spaghetti Open Data will be held, also in Caltanissetta.

OpenDataFest 2017 offers a programme of three days to get to know the world of data and open knowledge, meet people, share experiences and build prototypes. The final programme will be built together with the participants, and it will touch upon various relevant Open Data topics such as the re-use of Open Data, data processing, analysing and visualising, metadata, ontologies and semantics, and the impact on society. The final programme will be published on 15 May.

Simultaneously, the Spaghetti Open Data community will meet to discuss the choices and challenges that lie ahead. This community consists of a group of Italian citizens interested in the release of public data in open format, so as to make it easier to access and re-use Open Data. The European Data Portal will provide a presentation about barriers and Open Data, and will be leading one of the workshops.

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