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Our winter reading list: explore the world of open data and beyond!

A cosy winter reading list for open data enthusiasts to warm up your mind

As winter has already arrived and the holiday season is approaching, cosy up with a good read and embark on a literary journey from the comfort of your home. If you are seeking some data-driven reads, check-out the winter reading list curated by data.europa.eu. This list features six engaging reads ranging from articles to books, unveiling intriguing insights about open data, AI, data ethics, and more. 

  1. High-value datasets, building data in EU Member States Discover the diverse and impactful high-value datasets shaping the EU's digital future in this comprehensive data.europa.eu data story. Gain insights into key datasets driving innovation and collaborative efforts that fuel the EU's data-driven ambitions. 
  1. The Age of AI by Henry Kissinger Delve deeper into the intricate interplay between technological advancements and global politics. The work showcases the complex ethical and geopolitical challenges arising from the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence. 
  1. Improving data publishing by open data portal managers and owners Unlock the potential of open data with our latest report, delving into the pivotal role that high-quality data publishing plays in creating added value. Focused on the external perspective, this report explores how managers and owners of open data portals can use their influence to enhance data quality, streamline the publishing process, and amplify the visibility of valuable data, ultimately fostering a more accessible and impactful open data landscape.  
  1. Open data as an enabler to regional development and better cohesion in Europe Learn more about how accessible open data fuels sustainable growth and collaboration in diverse European communities with our data.europa.eu data story. Uncover its vital role in promoting connectivity and resilience, enhancing regional development. 
  1. 7 Trending Open-Source Tools for Data Visualisation in 2023 Discover the artistry of transforming complex data into comprehensible insights in this blog on data visualisation tools. Explore seven trending tools, from the versatile D3.js to the user-friendly Superset, and discover how these powerful instruments make the intricate process of data representation a seamless blend of functionality and creativity. 
  1. How E-REDES is reaching diverse audiences with its energy data portal Explore how E-REDES employs its energy data portal for innovative, data-driven communication in the energy sector, enhancing accessibility and transparency. This article is interesting for individuals keen on exploring pioneering methods for making energy information accessible and embracing inclusive data practices in the dynamic field of energy data management. 

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