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Outcome of Aporta "Innovation with public data" Meeting 2018

Spain promotes open data as a fundamental asset for economic development and transparency

On 28 November, the 8th edition of Aporta Meeting 2018 was held in Madrid carrying the slogan "Innovation with public data". The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Economy and Business, the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function and the public entity Red.es and attracted more than 300 people.

There were three round tables in the meeting. Each table had representatives from public bodies, start-ups and companies. The first table discussed public administration as a public data re-user. The second table focused on new businesses that develop new products and services based on Open Data, with a focus on women entrepreneurs in Spain. The third table discussed on optimising a successful business by using Open Data.

One of the main conclusions of the Aporta meeting is that Open Data from public organisations are essential for Spain's economic development, to improving transparency and to supporting innovation. The next challenges for Spain to address in the field of Open Data are strengthening the quality of information, establishing the value of data and outlining the ethical concerns around data.
For more information about the event read "Conclusions of Aporta Meeting 2018".

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